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Philipp Weilbrenner

Gartenbau Weilbrenner originally began with the construction of foil greenhouses and has undergone a great deal of development since then. After the production of Venus flytraps for pharmaceuticals was discontinued, the company successfully specialised in the cultivation of ornamental plants. The company has been supplying the ornamental plant wholesale trade since 1986 and built a new nursery in 1993 to meet the growing demand.

Partner: Gartenbau Weilbrenner GbR
Contact person: Philipp Weilbrenner
Service: Photo shoot in the Floramedia studio and realisation of the Floramedia XS catalogue

„The photo production at Floramedia and the transfer of the images directly into our image catalogue went extremely well at really fair pricing“.

Projekt Gartenbau Weilbrenner