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Our services

Marketing and image building:

Press work in breeders' and trade magazines

We rely on targeted press work in renowned growers’ and trade journals to present you as a partner and your products to a broad target group. Through press releases and specialised articles, we create a platform on which your products are highlighted and your presence in the green sector is reinforced.

Advertising in print and online media

Through strategic advertising in print and online media, we support you in strengthening your marketing and consolidating the image of your brand. With targeted advertising campaigns in printed publications and on digital platforms, you can reach a broad target group and create a strong presence for your brand. We also help you to position yourself effectively and build a positive public perception through creative content and visual design appearance.

Social media communication via our channels

With an active presence on various social media platforms, we utilise the power of digital communication to promote your products and interact with our community. With appealing content, regular updates and targeted campaigns, we also reach a broad audience and promote awareness of your social media communication via our channels.


Our website serves as a central point for informations about “Tomorrows Plants” and our partners. We also offer opportunities for direct contact and interaction.

Supplement in trade journals

As an additional measure to increase the visibility of your products, we offer the option of placing inserts in specialist magazines. These high-quality print materials allow you to present your products in detail and attract the attention of readers in a targeted manner.


With you as a Floramedia testimonial, we work together to strengthen trust in your products and your brand.

Your performance

Tomorrows Plants brand ambassador

You are a Floramedia customer and as so make your products or brand available to us under the Tomorrows Plants umbrella brand. Your own communication identity, such as an existing product concept, remains unchanged.

Your testimonial

We cordially invite you to share your experiences and impressions of our concept as a Tomorrows Plants brand ambassador. Your positive feedback will help us to continuously improve our efforts and strengthen our vision. We are happy to help you put your thoughts and opinions into a meaningful form and look forward to working with you to further our mission.

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