Tomorrows Plants
Pflanzʼ ein Stück Zukunft
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Tomorrows Plants

„Tomorrows Plants ist das Bekenntnis von Floramedia für eine grünere Zukunft.“

Richard Petri, Geschäftsführer Floramedia

Tomorrows Plants
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Pflanzʼ ein Stück Zukunft

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Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit.

Wild Talents are a successful product concept from us for which Floramedia has developed a super attractive POS concept that is now in many garden centres.

Rainer Born, Gartenbau Born

The photo production at Floramedia and the transfer of the images directly into our image catalogue went extremely well at really fair pricing

Philipp Weilbrenner, Gartenbau Weilbrenner GbR

When you think about tomorrow’s plants and consumer choice for easy to grow at home BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL Succulents are perfect in decorative containers.The HAPPY HIPPO SUCCULENT program has been developed and brought to life by a very creative and talented Floramedia team.

Mal Morgan, Morgan Oates and Brown Pty Ltd

Pinkerbell® has always inspired me. This variety really fulfils every wish. Easy to produce, durable in the trade, enchanting for the consumer. With Floramedia at our side as a creative agency, these messages get to where they are needed.

Antonia Feindura, Elsner PAC

Our Autumn Friends Combination concept offers gardeners and consumers a huge selection of plants for every taste in different price ranges. These are perfectly presented by Floramedia in our catalogues

Thorsten Köhn, Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co KG

Everything is organic, one of our specialities is the production of organic young plants. Our herb and medicinal plant segment is already well supported by our reliable, professional and innovative partnership with Floramedia.

Klaus Umbach, Umbach Bio Gärtnerei