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WeCan Green combines Bernhard Nill’s many years of experience in horticulture with the dynamic expertise of his daughter Catharina. Founded in 2022, the company aims to supply nurseries of all sizes with high-quality horticultural supplies. The recent partnership with the Haifa Group expands WeCan Green’s offering and enables it to supply customers with high-quality fertilisers. Together they are committed to tackling the challenges in horticulture and developing innovative solutions.

Partner: Catharina und Bernhard Nill GbR, WeCan Green
Contact person: Catharina Nill
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„With our wholesale company “WeCan Green”, we supply gardeners in southern Germany and beyond with tried-and-tested production resources. When selecting suppliers, we pay particular attention to sustainability. Here we are in line with Floramedia, which supports our marketing project ‘Gardeners for Gardeners”.

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